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    Matt served as my Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Specialist at the same time. As a first time home buyer, I was unsure at first if it was the right decision to buy for me, Matt walked me through the entire process with ease and succeeded in negotiating a terrific Mortgage and a new home for a price I could not refuse. He did an exceptional job answering my questions or concerns about financing, purchasing my first property, and has made a life-time client out of me; I can’t thank him enough. I'd recommend his Real Estate services to anyone looking for a mortgage or purchasing a new home!.

    Tyler - Tyler
  • Mortgage Specialist


    We would like to thank you for all your help and support during our house selling/buying experience. We can't believe that you got our house sold in just 3 days! Your up-to-date knowledge of the market helped in getting us what we wanted for our house and putting us in a home that we love, for a great price!

    You were very patient with us and answered all of my texts very promptly (no matter how late or early it was) and always arranged our tours at the times that were convenient for us. We cannot express enough how happy we are with your service and all the advise you gave us, from putting us in touch with a great mortgage broker, to helping with renting our suite!

    Thanks again for a great journey and we will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. We wish you the best of luck in the future.


    Lui and Sophia D'Amato
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Matt, I cannot thank you enough for helping me purchase my new home.

    Your patience, hard-work, dedication and attention to detail are second to none. You were extremely patient with me as I was going through the process of finding the right one. Without you there is no doubt in my mind I would not be moving into the home of my dreams. With multiple offers you knew exactly how to handle it and to get the deal done, without having to compromise price.

    You are truly a great person and that transcends to your work ethic.I will absolutely recommend you to anybody looking for a realtor.

    Diane W.
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Matt, thanks for all your efforts in firstly selling our home and getting the price we wanted. We know how hard you worked and it is greatly appreciated. Second, thanks for helping us find our second home in our optimal neighborhood, for an amazing price. We had a great experience working with you. We cannot wait to refer our family and friends to you.

    Thank you from

    Sunny, Meena & Ekam
  • Mortgage Specialist


    I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did in selling my house and I am amazed how it happened so quickly and so smoothly and without any problems. My home was previously listed without success and I decided to take it off the market as I was somewhat discouraged with the entire process. After you contacted me in mid September I was a little skeptic because of my historical experience, but I trusted my first impression of you and your committed demeanor and made the decision to work with you. You quickly showed my home as promised to serious and well-qualified buyers that you introduced and days later brought me the best offer I had seen in months; 95% of our asking price!

    It is hard to believe that you had my home sold in less than two weeks from the time we first met. I also appreciate your attention to getting the buyer’s subject conditions removed so quickly.

    Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference in the future. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone contemplating buying or selling a home. Today my home is sold and I am able to move forward with my plans because of you. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.


    Mr. S. Hwang
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Dear Matt:

    I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for all your hard work in selling my Townhouse. You handled everything efficiently and professionally, which was a great relief since I needed to move out of town and was counting on you to run the show! You went far and above our expectations when you volunteered your time to help me renovate my home. You did a fantastic job and I am grateful to you. Thank you!!

    I have consistently found you to be most pleasant, sincere and honest in all of our dealings. There is no doubt that your diligent efforts and professionalism were responsible for obtaining an attractive offer in a short time after taking on the listing. I am confident that we may work together again in the near future.

    I greatly appreciate the Vacation Package, and I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Many thanks and best wishes.


    S. Nielson
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Hi Matt.

    These are a few words that come to mind when trying to describe you.

    You were always here when we needed you, any time any day. We thank you for this.

    You were so patient with us (especially with Nelson!!) and we were not the easiest people to deal with. We apologize for this!

    You promised us you will sell our house and you did.
    You promised us you will find the house of our dream, and you did,
    You promised us a vacation, and you delivered.

    What more can we say, as Leila would put it ”you rock”.

    We will refer you to anybody that asks for a good realtor.

    Thank you so much.


    Nelson, Nora & Leila
  • Mortgage Specialist

    I listed my house for sale with a SUPER Realtor who sold my sister's house and now listed my house. Having lived in Canada for the past 35 years and buying and selling 6 houses before, Matt is voted the best Realtor of them all. (It doesn't make me feel bad to desert the rest) . Matt Jarvs is knowledgeable, efficient, genuine, honest, caring, work hard for his clients regardless the AMOUNT of sales.... I just can't say enough, you have to feel it yourself.

    William Lee
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Thanks Matt, you have been outstanding and what I thought Realtors should be or strive to be. Thanks for everything.

    Blaine Fadear
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Thanks to our amazing realtor, Matt Jarvis, for making this dream a reality!!! He has really gone above and beyond in so many ways and we would never have pulled this off without him!!!

    If anyone is looking to buy or sell in the Lower Mainland, I strongly recommend Matt. You will not be disappointed!! You made it possible for us. So many times we were going to give up and you have gotten us through it all and especially stepping up and taking on the bank on our behalf. We can never repay you for all you done but we will try!!!!

    Suzie Schier & Jamie Cook
  • Mortgage Specialist


    Thank you for your patience, tact and tenacity, all of which were required to see this sale to completion. We wish you all the best and thank you for representing us.

    Colin. C.
  • Mortgage Specialist

    I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for the last couple of months. In the first month, he managed to secure the property I wanted to buy, and he sold my condo. As bonuses he managed to negotiate to target prices for both transactions, and the condo sale happened while I was not even in the country!

    Since then, while we anxiously waited for the purchase to finalize, he provided incredibly proficient service. Whether it was getting contractors last minute access to the property, having to work late to accommodate my schedule, or just being available to answer my numerous calls, texts and emails, he has always come through.

    The sale or purchase of any property can be a long stressful task, but Matt is capable and willing to make it pain-free. While I do not expect to be house hunting any time soon, I hope to keep in touch via referrals - service this good deserves to be shared.

    Carlos Mejia
  • Mortgage Specialist


    Thank you so much for working your magic and getting us our price. We are very happy!

    Thank you!!

    Attached is a photo for your collection. 

    A. Fouche
  • Mortgage Specialist

    To Matt Jarvis:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an exceptional job of the handling the sale of my home and also the purchase of my new home.  I feel that the service provided by both of you surpassed anything I have ever experienced in the real estate industry.

    I found you both to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable, caring and always working in my best interest. To go as far as dealing with my mortgage consultant over the phone at the precise moment I needed your help with the banking aspect of my purchase. You basically took the work out of my hands and into yours. I cannot express the gratitude I felt in that stressful moment.

    I would happily refer you to any future clients and feel you would both be a definite asset to anyone buying or selling a home.

    P.S. Leina and I look forward to seeing both of you at our open house party as you have now become our new friends!


    George Karvelis
  • Mortgage Specialist

    I have had the pleasure to have Matt on my side. He always looked in the best interest of all parties and be honest, also he invested in some ventures. I trust and value his honesty and will continue working with Matt in future.

    Sarbjit Dhanda
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Matt is a pleasure to work with and we felt very confident with his guidance. He was there every step of the way and exceeded our expectations. Matt’s expertise, knowledge of the process, commitment to service, and positive personality made it smooth and easy during an otherwise stressful event. He is also an excellent negotiator and has his client’s best interest in mind. We highly recommend his real estate services to anyone seeking to buy or sell their property.


    Michelle, Rick and Jim - Michelle
  • Mortgage Specialist

    My husband and I found Matt very helpful in buying our new place. We needed to downsize from a larger property and house into a gated community. We did something we would not normally do and that is buy our new house before we sold the present one. Because the market went flat for a number of months, it started causing sleepless nights but Matt, because our new place was in Probate, was able to get a 6-week extension on the closing date which gave us some breathing room. Thankfully our house sold within that time. We enjoyed Matt's enthusiasm, encouragement and warmth of character. He's a good person to work with.

    Joanna & Bill Vanderpol
  • Mortgage Specialist

    I have used Matt to buy and sell my property and was very satisfied.

    Joe McKillop
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Hardest working realtor we know that will make sure all your particulars are met and that you are truly satisfied. Matt has definitely found his passion!

    Emily Doerksen-Johnson
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Val & myself were very pleased with the great & professional service provided by Matt Jarvis. We would recommend his service to any future sellers and we did so for unit #14 & #17 in our previous complex. Matt was able to sell our unit #13 above market value, he sold our unit in a short four days. He had a open house for one weekend and was able to get multiple offers. We appreciate his outstanding service he provided. Thanks again.

    Matt, Larry & Val Henderson
  • Mortgage Specialist

    Matt came to me with a strategy to get out of my town home which we’ve outgrown and into a detached with a suite. He put the plan into action and before we knew it he had sold our townhouse for 114% of the asking price and helped us buy a lovely home on a 1/4 acre lot. Mat and his team were true professionals and I would definitely recommend him.


  • Mortgage Specialist

    Hi Mathew,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today. My mom has spoken very highly of you over the past few months.

    Thank you so very much for going above and beyond today to help secure a place for my folks to live. My sister and I felt so helpless, trying to scramble to help them with the downpayment.
    With our money tied up in a new business, I wasn't sure what we were going to do...
    You were an angel who saved the day. Mom called me in tears. You had restored her faith.

    You are a genuine, caring and charming gentleman.
    Thank you for helping our family. We will most definitely use you when we do one day decide to sell and buy elsewhere, probably in the next two years.