Carlos Mejia

Author: Mock Webware |

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for the last couple of months. In the first month, he managed to secure the property I wanted to buy, and he sold my condo. As bonuses he managed to negotiate to target prices for both transactions, and the condo sale happened while I was not even in the country!

Since then, while we anxiously waited for the purchase to finalize, he provided incredibly proficient service. Whether it was getting contractors last minute access to the property, having to work late to accommodate my schedule, or just being available to answer my numerous calls, texts and emails, he has always come through.

The sale or purchase of any property can be a long stressful task, but Matt is capable and willing to make it pain-free. While I do not expect to be house hunting any time soon, I hope to keep in touch via referrals - service this good deserves to be shared.